Ghetto Ken

Artist Ghetto Ken ( Songwriter, R&B, Pop & Hip Hop Artist) based out of Southern Mississippi. Ken recently graduated college and attended “Alcorn State University” Ghettó Ken received a Bachelors in Psychology. While in school for the 3/4 years Ghetto Ken developed an abstract voice and a unique vibe that creates not just songs but a whole new vibe.

Ghettó Kén first single “Ghetto Barbie” gave Kén a foundation for his role in the Industry as being Barbie’s companion Kén. With his new single Kén aims to create with ‘Little Things’ are unique and distinctive vibrations, developed around his abstract and unconventional vocal style, not only from a timbre point of view but also for the unusual harmonic development. Obviously singing and rapping, along with the refreshing southern production, Ghetto Ken is definitely what Barbies been missing!